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Why volunteer with Citizens Advice?

It’s great that you're considering volunteering with Citizens Advice. If you've come to this page you're probably wondering what we can offer you and what you'd like to do.

All sorts of people volunteer with us for many different reasons, but one thing that our volunteers tell us is that volunteering with their local Citizens Advice is enjoyable, rewarding, challenging and varied.

Voices of our volunteers

More of our volunteer stars

“I saw volunteering with Citizens Advice as a great way of getting more involved in my local community. It’s  a two-way street; Citizens Advice provides great experience in developing your understanding of prominent political issues at both local and national levels”. Mel Nowicki - Citizens Advice Hackney

“I’ve been able to do so many new things; I’ve even had a report published. I’ve been able to gain valuable workplace skills and learn about an evolving office environment.I didn’t realise the range of issues that Citizens Advice help the general public, the extensive amount of advice on offer is really quite remarkable and whatever you are doing at Citizens Advice is making a positive impact on someone’s life”. Grant Seastram - Citizens Advice, Coventry

“I love the fact that Citizens Advice encourages us, not only to develop our own abilities, but also to review what we do, how we do it, and how we can improve it. This creates an environment that encourages and supports change, which can only enhance the skills of our volunteers and the service our clients receive”. Michele - Citizens Advice, Merton and Lambeth

“Volunteering at Citizens Advice gives you the opportunity to gain wider social knowledge & valuable people skills.I volunteered to give, but realised I actually gained”. Lauren - Citizens Advice, Melton Mowbray

“Bringing out the best in yourself by helping someone through what may be the most difficult day in their life: the reward is greater than any payment”. Peter Smith - Caernarfon

“Being part of a process that provides help in this way really does give me a sense of achievement because I feel I have made a difference to someone’s life. It really is an uplifting and moving time because it always reminds me of how alone I felt trying to sort my own problems out, with no help from anyone and, at times, wanting to give up. I really am proud to be a volunteer here and proud of my achievements. No one should ever feel alone and with the volunteers here at Citizens Advice providing assistance in so many ways, it demonstrates our commitment to helping as many people as we can”. Tessa - Citizens Advice, Merton and Lambeth

Your next step?

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