Chris Dixon

Chief officer

I have worked within the third sector for the majority of my 26-year career, and I am thrilled to be using my knowledge, skills, and experience as I lead Citizens Advice Southampton through this very unique time for the city. I have worked with a range of organisations delivery, youth work, family support and care to the most vulnerable members of our communities. I am also currently trustees of a young people’s charity in Andover. My aim in all my roles is to ensure that those that we are here to support have the access to information, support, and guidance to take control of their challenges and live their life to the fullest. I will be working with the dedicated team here at Southampton to ensure that they are able to use their time, care, and expertise to the fullest for the citizens of Southampton.


Adrian Cooper

Advice Service Manager

I have worked in the UK since 1994, in local authorities and Charitable organisations supporting people in the South East. My last 10 years have been in the Southampton area. My experiences, knowledge and skills learned over this period has allowed me to enjoy my roles in Staff Management and Welfare Benefits training plus successes with outcomes for clients and representing their cases at tribunals. Since 2013, I have worked with a range of charitable organisations in Southampton, including CLEAR, E U Welcome, No Limits, DAIN, and SARC along with CAS. I have worked with many of the vulnerable members of our communities, in particular with Welfare Benefits support but also in supporting general advice and information for clients at the afore mentioned charities. My aim at CAS is to ensure that we deliver services to the highest possible levels, which includes ongoing learning in the role. I have always used the adage that, you learn something new every day, even if you have come across the same or a similar issue in the past.


Emma Vint


I joined Citizens Advice Southampton in 2011 as a volunteer, fresh out of law school at Bournemouth University. A wish to gain some experience from volunteering has happily led me to a career in the charity sector for Citizens Advice, including working as a Macmillan Caseworker, IT Project Worker and Advice Session Supervisor. I am proud to say I am now a Chartered Institute of Personnel qualified HR Manager at Citizens Advice Southampton. I enjoy using both my experiences during my time at Citizens Advice Southampton and my HR knowledge to support our staff, volunteers, trustees and the organisation. I enjoy seeing people thrive at work and want Citizens Advice Southampton to be a place where everyone can do just that. When not at work, I can be found outside! Either walking with my dog, cycling, or riding my horse.


Paul England

Deputy Advice Service Manager

I have the privilege of working with the remarkable team of Volunteers and staff at Citizens Advice Southampton, where I contribute my diverse skill set and experience. Before joining Citizens Advice Southampton, I spent a significant portion of my career in the finance industry, specifically in subprime car finance. During that time, I acquired extensive knowledge and expertise in navigating the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) guidelines and ensuring compliance with the Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) principles. Prior to my finance role, I held the position of a team manager at British Gas, where I led a team responsible for managing complaints. This experience honed my interpersonal skills and conflict resolution abilities, enabling me to effectively address customer concerns. I was able to support my Team to resolve complex situations and cultivate a reputation as a reliable and empathetic professional. With a background in both finance and customer service, I bring a unique perspective and invaluable expertise to my role at Citizens Advice Southampton. I am committed to ensure that Citizens Advice Southampton continue providing impartial, confidential, and free help to those who really need it.


Kirsty Rowlinson

Business Development Manager

I have worked within charities for most of my career, and probably qualify as a full-blown charity geek. After finishing University, I started work in Southampton co-ordinating Sign Language interpreters at Hampshire Deaf Association. This was a fascinating role that helped me to understand how charities work, and whetted my appetite for more. I then worked in London and Winchester for a variety of charities. I’m delighted to now be back working in my home city for Citizens Advice Southampton. Over the years I’ve worked in front-line services including residential care, interpreting, employment & learning, and domestic & sexual abuse. And provided support services to other charities, to help them thrive and survive. I’m also now a Trustee for Southampton Voluntary Services. Citizens Advice Southampton is a great place to work. It’s interesting, varied and enables me to make a real difference to the lives of my fellow Sotonites (if that’s a word).